The World of Ulseiria

The series takes place in the World of Ulseiria. Ulseiria is a medium-sized rocky planet in the Badaemas Solar System. The Western side of the planet is entirely covered in two major seas, The Sea of Sice (which is the larger and more northerly ocean) and The Sea of Caleia (the smaller and more southerly of the two). The two seas are separated by The Isle of Plaohn Ait and surrounding archipelago. The Eastern side of the planet is covered by The Zanarakz Mountains. Many different species call this planet home.


The World of Ulseiria is divided into two tectonic plates, The Plaibias Plate, which predominately covers the Eastern side of the planet, and The Ecrath Plate, which covers the central part of the planet, among half of the western side. These two plates rise up from The Sea of Sice, creating The Westebros Trench, and meet up in the central plateau, creating The Zanarakz Mountains. This creates a risk of various earthquakes among the regions mentioned above. The largest earthquake on this planet was recorded on the day of 9-8-32 at the time of 8:13am and reached a 12 on the Richter Scale. The earthquake had its base 2km underground in the middle of The Sea of Sice. Luckily, no one was injured, but tremors could be felt thousands of kilometres away in the far-off cities of Ingheath, Hilly, The City of Omens, Heastone, and Chedon, and caused minor tsunamis and flooding on all of the nearby land masses.

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